Lee & Pierce Inc is a full services civil, agricultural, and environmental engineering company providing consulting services to local developers, contractors, businesses, and governmental agencies throughout California.  Since 1979, we have completed hundreds of projects performing site design for new development and redevelopment projects as well as investigating and mitigating sources of contamination and hazardous waste within existing commercial and industrial properties.  With offices in Salinas and Oakdale, we serve all of central and northern California. Our goal is always to listen to our clients and then address their needs with sensible, cost effective solutions.

The Lee & Pierce staff has over 120 years of combined experience that includes licensed civil engineers, geologists, architects, and registered environmental assessors as well as designers, drafters, and field technicians.   This team has a proven track record of providing cost effective solutions to match the ever-growing challenges faced by our clients.  Samplings of our clients include Barry Swenson Builders, Plasco Energy Co., City of Salinas Public Works, Monterey County Water Resource Agency, Capitol Station 65 LLC, City of Oakdale and Tuolumne Utilities District.


Our civil engineering and architectural experience grows out of completing numerous design projects on environmentally and historically sensitive sites. Our ongoing projects include site plans for a mixed use commercial development and a wine tasting room within the Central Coast region.  Recently completed projects include a chiropractic clinic, an auto body repair shop, a solid waste transfer station, a light duty fueling facility, and site improvement plans for numerous residential properties. Ongoing projects included detailed site design for the Taylor Fresh Foods World Headquarters in Salinas and preliminary site design for a plasma fired waste disposal facility.


Over time, social and political views on the environment have changed dramatically. Due to the complexity of constantly evolving laws and regulations, environmental permitting and compliance is often confusing and can be costly.

Lee & Pierce Inc can provide a sensible management plan to deal with the complexities of soil and groundwater contamination. Our main environmental focus is performing site assessments and preparing mitigation plans for proposed redevelopment of commercial and industrial sites.

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